Every once in a while, you may find that a website you are trying to reach is not loading 

You refresh, and try again, but still no change.

10 reasons why a website may not load

It could be your own website, or you might be trying to access social media,  news, entertainment, or shopping. 

You try turning your data on and off but again, no change. 

Is it the website with a problem, or is it your phone or computer

It could be either, or it could be none.


Here’s a checklist for you to go through:


10 reasons why a website may not load


First and most importantly, check your data connection. If you are running on a metered or timed bundle, your access to the internet may have been cut off. So check and verify that you still have a valid internet connection. 

Secondly, try loading other websites.

If you are able to load other websites, then the problem is isolated to that particular site and has nothing to do with your device or network.

That leaves the following technical reasons that would prevent a website from loading:


  1. Incorrect URL: If the user types in an incorrect URL, the website will not load.
  2. DNS errors: If the domain name server (DNS) is unable to resolve the website’s address, the website will not load. This may occur when a DNS has been misconfigured, or compromised by malicious actors.
  3. Server downtime: The website’s server may be down for maintenance or due to technical issues, preventing the website from loading. This presents itself as a 503 or similar error. 
  4. Firewall or security software blocking: Firewall or security software on your device or network may be blocking access to that particular website.
  5. Browser issues: The website may not load if your browser is outdated or not compatible with the website’s code.
  6. Content Delivery Network (CDN) issues: If the website uses a CDN, and it is down or not working properly, it may prevent the website from loading.
  7. Outdated software: The website may fail to load if it is built with outdated software or technologies, and the user’s browser or device is incompatible.
  8. Heavy traffic: If the website receives too much traffic, it can slow down the website or cause it to fail to load.
  9. Malware or hacking: If a website has been hacked or infected with malware, it may prevent it from loading properly.


Action Points

If the website belongs to you, you can contact your Web Developer or Administrator directly to rectify the issues preventing the website from loading. 

If it doesn’t belong to you, you can inform the company or organization and have them resolve the issue.


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